Hello everyone! I have been offline for quite some time and just have some travel photos I would like to share. There has been a lot going on in my personal life which has gotten in the way of being creative, but hopefully within the next few months I will have more time to do art.


There are so many hidden gems in Japan.  In my opinion, this is one of them.  Close to Kamakura, just about an hour away from Tokyo, you can find this beautiful statue of Kannon, or Guanyin. She is located in a place called Ofuna. This place is very relaxing and I recommend it for a quick stop if you are on the way to Kamakura.


Another place I ended up over the last few months was Nagoya. I really love Nagoya, and it was nice to spend the day there. I have been there so many times but for some reason never had time to visit Nagoya Castle, one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The only downside about this quiet little city is that it’s so hot in the summertime! I went there around the end of July and I really thought I was going to melt! There were very few clouds to block the strong sunlight. I think I will visit Nagoya again before the year ends, and maybe a neighboring town by there as well. To be decided…


In August, I returned back to Massachusetts for a summer vacation. Where I am from in Massachusetts is close to Salem, home of the Salem witch trials. It’s a cool little city that I enjoy visiting whenever I come back home. The above two pictures were taken there.


Near my hometown there is a place to go fruit picking! You can pick apples, raspberries, peaches, blueberries, etc. Since it was peach season, I went with my parents to go peach picking. It was really fun! And the peaches were so good.


I do wish that it had been a little closer to fall so we could have gone apple picking though. Luckily though, I was able to have an apple cider doughnut for the first time in four years!! They are one of my favorite parts of going apple picking. I also got a pumpkin spice soda? I don’t really like soda but I had to try it because I love everything pumpkin. Also when I was home, my friend and I made really good pumpkin spice cupcakes, and I used the leftover pumpkin to make pumpkin pancakes the next day! Pumpkin in Japan isn’t the same as pumpkin in the United States unfortunately. I really miss fall back at home!


I had a bit more time home than usual, so I was able to visit Maine and New York as well, which was so nice! I hadn’t been to New York City in maybe about three and a half years so it was exciting to go back. I got to see a lot of close friends while I was there and eat a lot of good food.


Here are some photos of Boston, Massachusetts. It’s about a thirty to forty minute drive from my hometown. I spent a day here walking around with family and a friend.


We went to the North End which is Boston’s “Little Italy.” I got a really good bowl of handmade tagliatelle pasta. Bread with olive oil is one of my favorite appetizers and it doesn’t exist here in Japan, so this bread with olive oil (and a garlic/bean spread) was particularly good!


This month I will try hard and make more art! Please look forward to my next post. Thank you all for reading!



Good morning! Today I want to make an update about the “Transitions” exhibition.


We had been planning this exhibition for about half a year so it was really exciting and surreal to see all the work hung up. I spoke a little about the show in the previous blog post, but just to reiterate, we had the show at ICA Space in Higashinihombashi, Tokyo.

この展示会のために半年前から準備をしてきたので、実際に壁にいろいろな絵がかかってる姿を見ると「あ、これは素敵な展示会だな!」とわくわくした。それと同時に計画が現実になっていることになんだか不思議な感じもした。前回の更新にもうちょっと話したんだけどこの展示会はICA Spaceというギャラリーで行われたよ!

Here I am with my pieces! Going along with the transitions theme, my pieces are about the transition of time. This is depicted through the phases of the moon, and the blooming of the peonies.


Here are some pictures of the space! The gallery was nice and wide and our work fit on the walls perfectly. We had many types of artists so the show was very interesting and dymanic.

ICA Spaceはとても広くて素敵だった。私たちの作品もぴったり壁に入った。多種多様な作品があって面白いと思った。

We had an opening party for the exhibition and took so many pictures! This is me with two of my friends who also participated in the exhibition. Both of them are named Katie, and they are both wonderful people! Visit Katie’s (Kathleen Yarnold) instagram here (she’s the Katie on the left, and she is a fantastic oil painter!) and Katie’s (aka The Tasty Traveler, a really great food blogger and artist) instagram here !

オープニングパーティの時、たくさんの友達と写真を撮った!上の写真にはほかの参加したアーティストと私。両方ともケイティという名前 笑 左にいるケイティの油絵はすごくうまいからよかったらケイティのインスタを見てくださいね!右にいるケイティは画家でフードブロガーだよ!インスタにたくさんの食べ物の写真が載せていて是非見てください!

Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition to support! We all really appreciated it. I was overhelmed by all of the people who came to visit.


Here are closeups of the two main pieces. I used the same set of peony references that I took when making my pieces for the Analog&Digital exhibition that I was a part of at AAA Gallery in May.


And here are all of my little moons! I really enjoyed making these and I believe they tied the composition of all the pieces together.


In the blink of an eye, it was all finished! All of our hard work paid off and it was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came and to those who supported from overseas!


Until next time!



Exhibition announcement!

展示会のお知らせです!transitionsTRANSITIONS ・ トランジションズ

24 international and Japanese artists present Transitions, an exhibition exploring change.


I will have all new work on display at this exhibition. The work I am creating for this show is a continuation of the work that I displayed at AAA Gallery in May. If you are in the Tokyo area, please stop by!


This exhibition has been featured on the following websites. Please take a look!


Metropolis Japan

Tokyo Weekender


ACCESS: ICA Space is located in Higashi-Nihobashi, just a 3 minute walk from Hibashi-Nihonbashi, Bakurocho, and Bakuroyokoyama stations.
2F ICA 3 Building E, 3-4-6 Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 103-0004

アクセス:東日本橋駅、馬喰町駅、馬喰横山駅 徒歩3分
東京都中央区東日本橋3丁目4-6ICA 3ビルE 2F


Hello blog! I’ve been pretty busy over the last month or so (as usual)! I would like to start by talking about a vacation that I went on with a friend in April.


For about a week, we explored all around Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka prefecture is located on the southern island of Kyushu in Japan. I have been there twice before, but this time we went all around some rural areas in Fukuoka that I’ve never been to before. First, we went to Nokonoshima Island Park.


Nokonoshima Island Park is accessable from Hakata Station, the biggest train station in Fukuoka. On the island there were so many beautiful beds of flowers. I also brought my new business cards with me to take some photos of them with the beautiful scenery.


After enjoying time on Nokonoshima Island, we made our way to Yame City, in south Fukuoka. Yame City is known for green tea. My friend and I really really really love tea so we were so excited! On our first full day there we went to Hoshino Village. This village is known for growing and producing all different kinds of teas including sencha, gyokuro, kabusecha, black tea, hojicha, and matcha. It was very rural here.


We enjoyed a lunch of all different local vegetables and foods. My friend Kaia got dango-jiru, a local dish of Oita (another prefecture on the island of Kyushu). It is made up of different vegetables and wheat-flour dumplings. I got matcha udon noodles topped with salad (and served with some matcha powder on the side to top it with!). The matcha was grown in Hoshino Village. And as if there wasn’t enough matcha in the meal already, I had a cup of matcha after finishing lunch.

昼ごはんはサラダ抹茶うどんとだんご汁だった。星野村で育てられた野菜や抹茶などはたっぷりでおいしかった。食べた後、抹茶を注文した。満足だった 笑

Hoshino Village is so rural and so full of mountains that public transportation doesn’t go many places. But luckily, the owner of the shop where we had lunch was so kind and actually offered to drive us to many of the tea fields in the Village. They even took us to our next destination we wanted to go to so we didn’t need to wait an hour for the local bus. We were overwhelmed with kindness!! The above two photos are of some happy growing sencha leaves. We were taught that green tea leaves typically take 5-10 years to grow before they can be harvested and all tea is harvested by hand!


Our last destination was this lovely tea cafe. Here, I tried matcha chiffon cake, Hoshino Village black tea, and this green tea in the right photo called ‘Shiaore,’ another kind of green tea.



Strawberry picking is something I have always wanted to do in Japan, and I am so excited that I got to go strawberry picking in Fukuoka!! Fukuoka is specifically known for a kind of strawberry called ‘amaou.’ We tried many amaou straberries as well as about seven other varieties! Did you know there are so many kinds of strawberries in Japan? It’s really cool I think!


In Japan, strawberry picking is all-you-can-eat for one hour. We could actually really taste the difference in the types of strawberries as well.

一時間の食べ放題だった~ ご馳走様でした!!

After strawberry picking, we went to Kurogi to see the wisteria. Saying that it was beautiful is an understatement, there are no words to describe how wonderful it is to be under the wisteria flowers.


Since the area is so rural, there were hardly any people and it was so relaxing. There’s a big wisteria park kind of close to Tokyo called Ashikaga Flower Park that I went to back in 2017, which was also beautiful but so very crowded and full of tourists. So I was happy to be able to enjoy time here peacefully.


We spent our last full day in a place called Yanagawa before heading back to the more central area of Fukuoka. This was probably the best breakfast I have ever had. I’m so happy I was able to request a vegetarian meal! And of course there were free refills on tea, as well as the Kyushu umeboshi (red pickled plum, that’s what’s sitting on top of the rice!) I love love love umeboshi especially the kind from Kyushu, I ate so many!

博多に戻る前、柳川に行った。ホテルで人生で一番おいしい朝食を食べた。九州だから特に梅干しはうまかった!!何個食べたかわからないw ベジタリアン向けの朝食をリクエストできてよかった。


My friend and I rented kimonos for the day. I’ve worn a yukata a few times before, but this was my first time in a kimono. We took so many pictures!


After we rented kimonos, we went on a boat ride down the canals of Yanagawa. Yanagawa is known as Japan’s Venice because of the long canals running through the town.


The weather was perfect. We were really lucky that it didn’t rain. The boat ride was about an hour long.


The boat stopped at a little stand with snacks and ice cream in the middle of the journey, and I got an ‘age-mochi,’ or fried rice cake, to enjoy. The right photo is of the little boat we were on!


Before getting our kimonos taken off, we had a little photoshoot in this beautiful room by a Japanese garden that was attached to our hotel. After our adventures were over, we returned to the city and spent some time at a hot spring which was very relaxing. On the last day we went shopping and, of course, went to a cafe to drink more tea. It was sad going home because I really love Fukuoka (and my friend Kaia!!) so much. But I know I will go exploring again with Kaia someday and we will find a brand new adventure!!

柳川で泊まったホテルは素敵で日本庭園があった。日本庭園の前の和室の中で撮影した。その後、着物を返しに行って博多に戻った。その夜、遅くまで温泉で時間を過ごした。最後の日に買い物をしたりもっとお茶飲んだりしたw 東京に戻るのはちょっと寂しかったなあ。友達が大好きだし福岡も好きな場所だからね。でも、またいつか友達と探検すると信じるよ!^^

After returning back from Fukuoka, I had a few fun weeks with more lovely friends who were visiting from overseas. One of the fun places I went to for the first time was Cafe RonRon, which is a ‘sweets-go-round’ restaurant. It’s 40 minutes of all you can eat sweets and snacks that go around on a conveyorbelt, mimicking sushi restaurants in Japan.

無事に東京に戻った後、2,3週間ぐらい他の外国から来た友達と遊んでいた。この間に初めてcafe ron ronに行った!回転スイーツのレストランだよ!40分の食べ放題だった。

It was a little expensive, but I think it was worth going to once! You get a nice little drink with your order (mine was….. I forget, maybe cherry blossom flavor?).


And now onto another topic! The gallery show that I am a part of is up and running! The Analog&Digital exhibition will be up until the 24th, this Friday. It’s a really cute gallery and in a really great location, right in Chinatown, Yokohama.


Here is what my space on the wall looks like. I got invited to be a part of this show back in December of last year. That same month, I thought of this composition and each of the pieces. It’s really cool to see it all done and hung up on the wall after working on it for months. On opening day I had some great friends come and support me, and it was a really fun day! I’m going to be sad to take it down on Saturday. Please stop by if you get the chance! I will list all gallery information below.


On the table in front of my work, there is a little notebook for comments, as well as my business cards and some postcards for sale. I think now I will post all the pieces individually.



Yachiyotsubaki Peony・八千代椿


High Noon Peony・ハイヌーン


Shimadaijin Peony・島大臣


Godaishu Peony・五大州


European Rabbit・兎


Red Fox・狐


Beginning & End・始まりと終わり

I have other things I would also like to post, but I think I will end this post here since it’s already very long. If you made it to the bottom, thank you so much for reading and check back again for more posts!


AAA Gallery

〒231-0023  神奈川県横浜市中区山下町82  徳永ビル206 /
みなとみらい線 / 元町中華街駅3番口徒歩1分     開廊時間:火〜日曜日 13:00~19:00 / 土曜日 : 15:00~20:00 / 月曜日休廊


Exhibition Announcement!



I am excited to announce that I was invited to be a part of AAA Gallery’s group show ‘Analog x Digital!’ The show will be held from May 11th-May 24th. I will be displaying seven new paintings for this show.

5/11(土)~5/24 (金)横浜AAA Galleryで行われる「アナデジ展」に参加させていただきます。新作品を展示します。


I will post photos of the pieces at a later date.

Please stop by AAA Gallery in Yokohama to take a look if you live in the Tokyo/Yokohama area!



AAA Gallery

〒231-0023  神奈川県横浜市中区山下町82  徳永ビル206 /
みなとみらい線 / 元町中華街駅3番口徒歩1分     開廊時間:火〜日曜日 13:00~19:00 / 土曜日 : 15:00~20:00 / 月曜日休廊


Hello everyone!


I have been a little quiet recently on social media in regards to my art. This is because I am currently working on a series of paintings for an exhibition that I would like to introduce later on! So this will be a quick post despite all the work I have been doing.



I spent some time at the end of February sketching some succulent studies (I may have also extended my succulent family at home). I’m grateful that I have lovely friends who send me pictures of their plant babies for drawing reference!



My cousin and her husband spent some time in Japan with me recently. We went to Kamakura for a day and visited all the usual Kamakura sightseeing spots, including this guy.


We also stopped by the bamboo forest in Kamakura! Despite being the end of February, the weather was so nice this day.


My luna moth painting was at an exhibition in Massachusetts last weekend! My painting was a part of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s ‘Flower Show.’ Even though I couldn’t attend the show, it seemed so beautiful from the pictures!



I was told that many people attended and it was a great exhibition! There were sculputures and flower installations at the show as well.

I will continue to work hard for my next exhibition!! Thank you for reading! Check my twitter and instagram (both @ kumoriluna) for more updates soon regarding my next show (it will be in Japan!).


次の展示会のために頑張ってるわ!!!展示会の発表は近日発表する予定だよ。ツイッターとインスタで発表するのでフォローしてね!垢は→@ kumorilunaだよ!



Hello everyone. I hope everyone has had a good start to 2019 so far. I’ve been up to a few things that I want to write about!


lily of the valley

I will be painting a lot over the next few months so unfortunately I don’t think I will have much time to draw in my sketchbook. I actually completed this piece before 2019 started but I didn’t find a good place to photograph it until more recently!


I think this year I want to start carrying my DSLR around with me more, and I’ve been enjoying dabbling in photography again lately! I love to go to Shinjuku Imperial Garden to look at the roses but it’s not the season for them anymore, so I didn’t get too many good photos. But luckily, there are always flowers blooming in the greenhouse and I had a lot of fun photographing them! Here are two of my favorite photos from that day’s shoot.


luna sketch

I finished a painting in the month of January! The painting is of this Luna Moth. I was really lucky to have the actual Luna Moth to draw from as reference.


luna color studies

I did some color studies before starting the painting. The colors I ended up using were a little different what I usually paint with.



I like how the final painting turned out! Got a matboard cut as well as a nice frame and she is currently en route to the United States! This piece will be a part of the 2019 ‘Flower Show’ in Attleboro, Massachusetts from March 21st to 24th! I will not be attending the exhibition since I am currently in Tokyo, but if anyone reading this is in Massachusetts, please stop by and take a look!

完成!マットを切ってもらって無事に額縁に入った!そして、この絵は今アメリカに向かってるの!!私はアメリカのマサチューセッツにあるギャラリーのイベントに参加するよ!!この絵は3月21日から24日までAttleboro Art Museumっていうギャラリーで展示される!私は展示へ行けないけどきっと素敵なイベントになるよ!

I love food. If anyone is in the Ueno area and wants a good, healthy meal, Guruatsu is a great restaurant! It’s a little out of the way but it’s very worth it. They are also a vegan bakery serving a wide selection of muffins, scones, and cookies! I’m not in Ueno often but I would like to visit here again!

食べ物大好きw もし美味しくてヘルシーな食べ物を食べたかったら、上野にある「ぐるあつ」という店へ行ってみてね!ヴィーガン向けだしさまざまなスコーンやクッキーなどが販売されてる!普段あまり上野に行かないけどいつかもう一度行ってみたいな!

Expect some butterfly art in the future… once I finish all the other work I need to get done… hahaha.

いつか… 将来… 蝶の絵を描くつもりだよ…。国立科学博物館で蝶の写真いっぱい撮ってきたよ…。w

And lastly, over the weekend a good friend and I celebrated Imbolc by visiting a peony garden. Imbolc marks the halfway point between winter and spring. I took many photo references for a new project at the garden!


boten en

That’s all for now! See you next time! Thank you for reading.



Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a happy holidays and a happy new year!



I want to start the new year by making a post about a gallery event that I was a part of in December. The event was held at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. Above is what our flier looked like, as well as a short description of the event.



We arrived at the gallery early for set up!



At the event, I sold a selection of my work: large prints, a wide variety of postcard sized prints including both my sketchbook and watercolor work, postcards, my zine, and original pencil drawings.


I had a lot of fun! So many people came to the event and it was quite crowded! I did an event similar to this in 2016 before I moved to Japan, and it was nice to be able to sell my work in person again.


After cleanup, me and some other artists from the event went to get okonomiyaki, a type of savory Japanese pancake (we cooked them ourselves! the ingredients are in that bowl), and celebrate our success! I would love to do an event like this in the future.


Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.17.33 PM

In other news, my website is now fully up to date with all the work i completed in 2018! the homepage will lead you to my illustrations…


Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.17.48 PM

…and my sketchbook tab is also completely updated as well! What do you think? Please let me know if you take a look!☺


http://www.juliaelizabethstasio.com ♡

In 2018, I started the year off by releasing a zine of my sketchbook work from 2017. I have completed a lot of new work, enabling me to redo part of my professional portfolio, as well as create a lot of pencil drawings.  I was also able to have my first successful art show in Tokyo. I already have a few exciting things planned for 2019!


Thank you for all the support in 2018 ♡



It’s somehow already December… This year has gone by fast. Even though it’s fall, there were still roses blooming at Shinjuku Gyoen. They looked so beautiful~ I want to try and go somewhere else closeby Tokyo this month to see flowers again. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

もう12月だね… 秋が来たかと思ったらもうすぐ冬になっちゃうね。寒くなってる割にまだ新宿御苑でバラが咲いてるらしい。バラは一年を通じて咲いてる花かな?まだ咲いてるうちに見に行ってよかった。


I’ve been playing around with the concept on the left page for a while now, and one day I want to paint it really big! The flowers were a perfect background for this sketch.


At the end of November, I went to Taiwan! I had been wanting to travel somewhere outside of Japan before this year ended. It was kind of a last minute trip but it was exciting to see somewhere else in Asia since I’ve only seen Japan. I went with a friend for a three night, four day journey. We stayed at a hotel in Taipei. On the second day we went to a place called Shifen, which is in the above two photos! It’s a place that is famous for having many different kinds of small shops and food stands, as well as a train that runs very close to all the shops.



Something else that Shifen is famous for is lanterns! We wrote wishes on lanterns and sent them off into the sky. It is said that this will make the wishes come true.



Closeby to where all the shops are, there is this beautiful waterfall known as the Shifen Waterfall. It is said to be one of the most beautiful sites in Taiwan. The water was a really pretty blue-green, and listening to the sounds of the water was really relaxing.

十分老街を散歩した後、タクシーに乗って十分瀑布っていう滝に向かってた!!滝へ行くために大きな橋を渡った。橋がすごく揺れてて怖かった!!でも勇気をもって無事に滝のところに到着した 笑。


I like the colors of this little picture.



After Shifen, we took a taxi to Jiufen. The teahouse in this photo is said to be the model for the bath house of Spirited Away! It was really pretty in person. This whole area is built on a hill (mountain? haha) and is full of different places to stop for tea. We went to a teahouse for some delicious oolong and oolong flavored cakes and cookies. Taiwanese oolong is one of my favorite teas. When I used to work in a teashop in America, one of our Taiwanese oolongs was the most expensive tea in the store!

There were so many stairs and it had started raining when we went so it was actually a little scary walking up and down the slippery stairs with umbrellas everywhere! But in the end I am glad that we went! The lit up lanterns were really pretty at night.



On our third day, we went to Kaohsiung! It was around two hours from Taipei by high speed rail. It was south of where we were in Taipei and the temperature difference was crazy! It was so hot there! We went to a place called lotus pond, which is a large pond dotted with different sight seeing locations, such as the dragon and tiger pagodas in the above photo! It is said that if you walk in the mouth of the dragon and out the mouth of the tiger, bad luck will be turned into good luck! But this week I’ve had some bad luck already so I’m not sure if it worked!! Haha. The view from the top of the pagodas was also really beautiful.

3日目、高雄市へ行った!台北からハイスピードレールで約2時間ぐらいかかった!台湾のハイスピードレールは日本の新幹線にそっくりなのにめっちゃ安い!!例えば日本の新幹線で東京から名古屋駅までは1万円ぐらいでしょ?台湾のHSRで5千円しか支払わなかったよ!新幹線は高すぎる!!!笑 台北から高雄市まで、約353KMだ。そして東京駅から名古屋駅まで、351KMなのに1万円ぐらい支払わなきゃいけない!!なんでだろう!!!

I love the look of the lotus leaves around the dragon and tiger statues!


For some reason this was really difficult to photograph! But we stopped by this place called the Spring and Autum Pavilion. There were a lot of turtles around here! And the pavilions were really beautifully detailed.



I drew this little flower based off of a photo I took in Shinjuku Gyoen!


Here are some photos of the other various things around the pond! I don’t know if you can see any in any of these photos, but the lotus flowers were so beautiful to see in person. There weren’t a ton of flowers in bloom when I went, but the ones that were in bloom were so beautiful and big! At one point we saw a bird eating one though and I felt a little bad for the flower :,(

池の周りのいろいろ~ 池にあるロータスは美しかった。思ったよりロータスの花はでかい!残念ながらロータスの花は少なかったが見つけたのはきれいだった!

Ahh after we got back from Kaohsiung, we went to this fantastic vegetarian restaurant called Yang Shin in Taipei. Online, I had read that without a reservation, it’s hard to get a seat so I was worried (their internet reservation page wasn’t working!) but luckily we got a seat! I ordered ham buns with fake ham and these beautifully wrapped spinach dumpling (what do I call these? haha) things that were amazing! We had black dragon pearl tea with dinner that was perfectly steeped. I hadn’t tried Taiwanese black tea until this evening so I was really happy that they had it in the shop! There really weren’t a lot of vegetarian options at all of the sightseeing locations we had gone to, but luckily it wasn’t too difficult in Taipei for me to find things to eat. But this restaurant was definitely the best. I will say though, going to Taipei made me grateful that Tokyo has so many amazing vegetarian restaurants! That was a lot of food talk, but I love food!!


That’s all for today’s post! This post was mostly about travel rather than art, but I have some fun art things to post about soon! Stay tuned and thank you again for reading!



october 01

It’s October 31! Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


october 02

I’ve had a very busy two months since the last time I was able to post! Within the last two months, I went to Sendai, Osaka, Niigata, Nagoya, Saitama, Chiba and Nagano! Yes, I know I am a little crazy but to be honest I love Japan and I love traveling so I don’t regret any of it! The above photo was taken at Zuihoden in Sendai. During most of September, it was still quite warm and even now there’s still a lot of green leaves on the trees around Tokyo.

前回の更新以来いろんなところへ行ったの!仙台、大阪、新潟、名古屋、埼玉、千葉、長野へ行ったよ!相変らず自分の生活は忙しいよね!笑 この写真は、瑞鳳殿で撮った。日本では、9月でも暑いので木の葉はまだ緑だった。

I usually love to draw a lot of pumpkins around this time of the year, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to draw as many as I would have liked to!! Next year I would like to paint/draw pictures of pumpkins more during fall.


october 06

I was able to see the spider lillies in Saitama this fall!! Saitama is famous for spider lillies. I went with a friend right as they seemed like they would wither. Luckily we were able to see them when they were still quite beautiful.


october 111

Probably from now until spring we won’t be seeing many flowers… I am patiently waiting for cherry blossom season! Although fall is my favorite season, Tokyo isn’t the best place to be during fall because there’s barely a ‘fall’ here.


october 11

Sometime during this month (I already forgot when…) I went on an overnight two day trip to Chiba with some friends. It was fun! But very cold by the ocean!

海!すごく寒かったが千葉へ行ってきた笑 楽しい一泊2日の旅行だった。


It was very relaxing to be able to draw by the beach.


I found a lot of nice shells on the beach! Aren’t the colors beautiful?


october 14

On the second day of the trip, we went to an island called Niemonjima. We had a barbeque there, and the weather was actually quite warm!


Lastly I want to talk about my trip to Nagano! I went there last weekend. I loved it there more than I imagined I would. I was so happy to see that the leaves were changing colors! These photos were taken at a temple called Zenko-ji.


I pulled an omikuji, or fortune, for the first time in a while at Zenko-ji.


I had a lot of fun trying foods that were famous in Nagano! My favorite were these buns called oyaki. They’re traditionally filled with all different kinds of vegetables and every kind that I tried was so delicious! This one had mushrooms in it!


I thought these were pretty so I took photos of them too and wanted to post them here~


october 34

I finished this sketch the day before I went to Nagano and found a little garden outside Nagano station to take this photo in front of.


On the second day, I went to Matsumoto! I saw more beautiful fall colors and walked around a lot.


There were also a lot of frogs everywhere!!


I had a delicious vegan lunch at a place called Healthy Penguin Cafe before heading to Matsumoto Castle. This burrito bowl was so good!

散歩の最中にこのカフェへ行った。burrito bowlは美味しい上に見た目に美しい!w

october 44

Matsumoto Castle!


october 45

Somehow, someway, I was able to come back from Nagano and finish this painting just in time to post for Halloween. Yay!


And I would like to end this post with some cute little pumpkin cupcakes I got last night. I am going to miss seeing all of the cute Halloween sweets!!

I think that is all I have to update for now! Thank you for reading!

昨日友達と東京駅の店にかわいいカップケーキを食べに行ってきた!全部のハロウェンスイーツ食べたいな!!わー… ハロウェン大好き!