It has been a very long time since I actually sat down to blog. Probably close to a year or so now. I had an old blog account that for some reason I wasn’t able to login to anymore, but here we are with a new account starting fresh this year. Since it’s only the beginning of March, I figured I would recap on some of the things I’ve been working on since January.


In 2017, I spent most of my time working in my sketchbook. I wanted to make a collection of the pieces I had done over the last year, so I spent many hours scanning, editing, and assembling a zine of the collection. It was tedious but receiving the zines in the mail and being able to hold them in my hands and also give them to others was a really rewarding feeling. My etsy can be found below and there are still copies left to purchase!



As usual, I have still been sketching a lot. I’m not sure if I will create another zine next year of my 2018 sketches, but we’ll see!


In January, I traveled a little bit and did two day trips.  Even on a short trip, I still like to explore whenever I can.  One of the trips was to Niigata, where I visited Hakusan shrine.  It had snowed a lot around this time so it was quite difficult to get there on foot, but seeing the shrine covered in snow was really beautiful.  I also pulled an ‘omikuji’ which is a Japanese fortune, and I got little luck! I am still waiting for my luck though, hopefully it will come sometime this year.


Right when I thought it was winter, I feel like suddenly it started to become spring.  We’ve had a few really nice days recently and over the last month or so.  I even walked to a small park and found a lot of little planted flowers! I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer but not too warm, Japan in the summer is a heat-wave nightmare.



A fun fact: when I was younger Jupiter was my favorite planet because it started with the letter J and there weren’t a lot of things that I thought were cool that started with the letter J.


In February I made another short trip to Sendai. I have been to Sendai three times now but I had never actually gone sightseeing there, only around Miyagi Prefecture. But I wanted to visit this giant statue of Kannon so I wandered to see her. It’s hard to capture her height in these photos. I’m always amazed by statues of Kannon and Buddha etc. in Japan and I have more on my list to visit this year. February was a rough month but I am glad seeing her, and also painting a lot, came out of it.



I have been painting this year!! At the end of last year I got together with a good friend, made wassail, and talked about art and what we wanted to accomplish this year.  I not only just want to paint more but if possible I would like to redo almost my entire portfolio.  I’m actually holding back and posting work slowly because I’ve really been up to a lot… Aside from these two paintings I have already finished another full size portfolio piece and am about 70% done with another!


I really love the way these two paintings came out. I am very happy with the colors.



Detailed photo. I had a lot of fun painting the faces on both of them.



I completed the sketches for these two faces so long ago, I forget what my original inspiration was.



And lastly, today is a full moon in Virgo!  The virgo full moon brings out the practical and rational thinking within all of us.  We become more dilligent and responsible. Today I will spend some time with friends and celebrate the moon.



I think this is all I am going to write for now! Like I said before, I do have some more things in the works that I would like to post about but maybe I will wait a few weeks or so. Or not? I’m not sure how often I will post but I am aiming for at least 1 or 2 times a month. I feel like this post was long since I have been working hard over the past two months and this isn’t even all of it.  I think how much I post will depend on my own personal pace.  But if you’ve made it down to here thank you so much and I really appreciate you stopping by to take a look.  I really do appreciate any support from the bottom of my heart.

じゃあ、これでいいかな!うまくに通じようと張り切ったが外国語でブログで書くのは難しいものだ。間違えだらけだったら許して 笑 1ヶ月に1、2回ぐらいここで書く予定だ。また読みに来たら嬉しい!

Thank you so much for reading!


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