It’s already May and I can’t believe it. In Japan it’s getting quite warm and it already feels like summer. I’m a little late with making a post this month because I have been quite busy!


A little while ago now I painted this jackalope based off of a photo I took of a tree in a forest many years ago. The sketch for it was also completed a while ago, but I never sat down and actually got the chance to paint it! The full image can be seen on my website at http://www.juliaelizabethstasio.com

最初、この絵!森にいるジャッカロープだ。ジャッカロープっていう動物知っているの?存在は未確認だ!可愛いでしょ?この絵は数年前に撮った写真からアイディアを得て描いた森だ。この絵は自分のウェブサイトで見えるよ → http://www.juliaelizabethstasio.com

I went to Fukuoka last month for the first time in three years! One of the first places I went to was Ohori koen, a nice open park with this cute little pagoda (?) in the center. You can see all kinds of animals here! Turtles and koi fish and ducks and…. many pigeons.

来月、3年ぶりに大好きな福岡へ行ってきた!これは大濠公園で撮った写真。この公園で動物いっぱい見えるよ笑 鯉とか、カメとか。。。アヒルも可愛かった。


While I was walking along the path by the park, I took this photo! Lately I really enjoy painting (and buying…) succulents! I find the repetitive patterns relaxing to draw.

散歩している最中にこの写真を撮った!最近多肉植物を描くのは楽しいと思う~ 描くとリラックスできる。あと多肉植物を買うのをやめられないのw

Next is this guy!! This is the buddha at Nanzoin. It’s not too far from Hakata in Fukuoka. The train ride is a nice relaxing journey through a very rural part of the city.


I always find things when I’m traveling that I wish I could read and comprehend. Learning a language really is a lifelong journey and the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. I’ll keep working hard so I can understand the things I want to read (like these signs that I thought were interesting)!



Whenever I think of spring in Japan, I think of lots and lots of flowers! This photo was taken in front of some tulips in a park in Tokyo. They were close to withering but most of them still looked nice. Here’s a poppy and a bat skull!


Recently was a series of holidays in Japan called Golden Week. Many people travel during this time and lots of places become busy, but me and a friend were able to make it to this beautiful park in Ibaraki! It’s a bit of a hike from Tokyo, and our commute was rough so it took us a bit longer than expected. But it was worth it to see this beautiful view! The flowers are called nemophila; they were in my painting that I posted last month! They’re quite small flowers, but I find something about them to be very charming.



Me, a dark priness in my flower kingdom, and a closeup of the flowers and a little red friend ♡



I drew this for the full moon, with a little nemophila at the bottom!



May 1st was Beltane, and I drew this little sketch for it. Beltane is traditionally a fire festival, and a day to honor the sun. It is also a day to represent the peak of spring and also the coming of summer. Here I took inspiration from all the flowers blooming in Japan and I drew this sketch. I was busy this day and didn’t have much time to celebrate unfortunately.



My final journey I took during golden week was to the Ushiku Daibutsu in Ibaraki. For how close it is to Tokyo, I’m a little surprised that most people don’t even know it exists. This is the largest Buddha statue in Japan standing at 120 meters tall. It was a little intimidating to see in real life. I’m so happy I got the chance to come here, I have been wanting to visit this place for years!


Spring was a great time to visit because there were so many flowers all around the buddha. I imagine it must be beautiful to see in the winter after it snows as well!


I think I will end the post here! Thank you for reading! Please check back here again!


2 thoughts on “2018年5月17日

  1. I really love your sketches of the jackalope and the one you did for Beltane. The flower crown in your sketch for Beltane looks absolutely gorgeous! Also, now I know I need to go visit the Ushiku Daibutsu before I leave Japan XD


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