october 01

It’s October 31! Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


october 02

I’ve had a very busy two months since the last time I was able to post! Within the last two months, I went to Sendai, Osaka, Niigata, Nagoya, Saitama, Chiba and Nagano! Yes, I know I am a little crazy but to be honest I love Japan and I love traveling so I don’t regret any of it! The above photo was taken at Zuihoden in Sendai. During most of September, it was still quite warm and even now there’s still a lot of green leaves on the trees around Tokyo.

前回の更新以来いろんなところへ行ったの!仙台、大阪、新潟、名古屋、埼玉、千葉、長野へ行ったよ!相変らず自分の生活は忙しいよね!笑 この写真は、瑞鳳殿で撮った。日本では、9月でも暑いので木の葉はまだ緑だった。

I usually love to draw a lot of pumpkins around this time of the year, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to draw as many as I would have liked to!! Next year I would like to paint/draw pictures of pumpkins more during fall.


october 06

I was able to see the spider lillies in Saitama this fall!! Saitama is famous for spider lillies. I went with a friend right as they seemed like they would wither. Luckily we were able to see them when they were still quite beautiful.


october 111

Probably from now until spring we won’t be seeing many flowers… I am patiently waiting for cherry blossom season! Although fall is my favorite season, Tokyo isn’t the best place to be during fall because there’s barely a ‘fall’ here.


october 11

Sometime during this month (I already forgot when…) I went on an overnight two day trip to Chiba with some friends. It was fun! But very cold by the ocean!

海!すごく寒かったが千葉へ行ってきた笑 楽しい一泊2日の旅行だった。


It was very relaxing to be able to draw by the beach.


I found a lot of nice shells on the beach! Aren’t the colors beautiful?


october 14

On the second day of the trip, we went to an island called Niemonjima. We had a barbeque there, and the weather was actually quite warm!


Lastly I want to talk about my trip to Nagano! I went there last weekend. I loved it there more than I imagined I would. I was so happy to see that the leaves were changing colors! These photos were taken at a temple called Zenko-ji.


I pulled an omikuji, or fortune, for the first time in a while at Zenko-ji.


I had a lot of fun trying foods that were famous in Nagano! My favorite were these buns called oyaki. They’re traditionally filled with all different kinds of vegetables and every kind that I tried was so delicious! This one had mushrooms in it!


I thought these were pretty so I took photos of them too and wanted to post them here~


october 34

I finished this sketch the day before I went to Nagano and found a little garden outside Nagano station to take this photo in front of.


On the second day, I went to Matsumoto! I saw more beautiful fall colors and walked around a lot.


There were also a lot of frogs everywhere!!


I had a delicious vegan lunch at a place called Healthy Penguin Cafe before heading to Matsumoto Castle. This burrito bowl was so good!

散歩の最中にこのカフェへ行った。burrito bowlは美味しい上に見た目に美しい!w

october 44

Matsumoto Castle!


october 45

Somehow, someway, I was able to come back from Nagano and finish this painting just in time to post for Halloween. Yay!


And I would like to end this post with some cute little pumpkin cupcakes I got last night. I am going to miss seeing all of the cute Halloween sweets!!

I think that is all I have to update for now! Thank you for reading!

昨日友達と東京駅の店にかわいいカップケーキを食べに行ってきた!全部のハロウェンスイーツ食べたいな!!わー… ハロウェン大好き!



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